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Win Nokia Cellphones by Surfing via Smart’s Mobile Internet


Another promotion by SMART which also got me interested. You can read the details here.

I really want to have a Nokia E71 and since I do some internet surfing via SMART 3G, then this is my chance to own one for free!

Unfortunately for me, my registration got rejected because I’m using a corporate line. But since I really want to have an E71, I’ll top-up my SMART prepaid card and surf away!

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SMART has a MyTV Promo


Looks like SMART Communications want to dispose their Nokia N77 stocks by doing a promo they started last December. They’ve been posting newspaper ads every week and the more I see it, the more I get enticed. Why wouldn’t I?

According to the ad: “Now at Plan 800, you get a free Nokia N77 with free access to myTV.” (myTV subscription is only free during trial period. myTV service is available in select areas only.)

I remember a fellow forum member in Pinoy Windows Mobile saying “imagine watching WWE RAW on your phone while you’re in your office desk!” Honestly, I haven’t been watching TV that much but I thought it would be nice to have some Cable TV entertainment wherever I go.

So earlier today, fellow Pinoy Windows Mobile Moderator Korben also became interested with the promo and wanted to check it out. Both of us went to the SMART Tower in Ayala Avenue to inquire and we talked to Jonathan, a sales officer for Postpaid Lines. We were told that the phone is for free if I’m going to use my credit card for auto debit (for the monthly fees), otherwise I’ll have to shell out Php 750 (around US$ 16) for the unit. Aside from that, I’ll also have to pay Php 800.00 in advance for a total of Php 1,550.00. I have no problem with that and so I signed up for it! I’ll be called next week if my application is approved.

I was made to sign a waiver that the MyTV service cost Php 250 a month for a lock-in period of 14 months. The service is free as of the moment due to pending legal issues.

I’ll make more research about the phone and the service to help me decide whether I would push through with my application or not.

Finally uploaded the videos of the Asus Eee PC Press Launch. It’s too bad I loaned my Nokia N95 8GB to a friend at the wrong time. I would’ve used it to stream videos live via Qik. I’ll have to reconsider selling the smartphone and use it for such events like these.

The Asus Eee PC Press Launch was held yesterday at the Shang Palace of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Anyway, here are the videos:


Carlo Subido, Intel Philippines Business Development Manager explaining the benefits of the new Intel Atom processor

Asus Product Representative (sorry I wasn’t able to catch your name) pointing out the new features of the Eee PC 1000H


Royce Reyes, Product Sales of Asus Philippines, explaining why the Eee Box is the best alternative to your big, old PCs

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Asus EEE Box – Newest Addition to the EEE Family


In spite of the improved features found on the new Eee PC 1000H, I became more interested in the Eee Box – the newest member in the Eee PC family. It’s obvious why I am curious with the Eee Box. It’s a desktop PC (almost has the same height of your favourite Harry Potter book) that you can easily bring along and even put inside your bag without breaking a sweat! With its size, you can mount the Eee Box at the back of the LCD TV to save space and at the same time avoid any clutter in your desk. But in all honesty, you don’t need to hide the Eee Box since its sleek and stylish design would make you more enticed to use it.


I was already impressed by its size, but I was more impressed with its features. The Eee Box has an innovative technology called Express Gate. Within 5 seconds of booting up, users can easily access the internet, manage pictures, or communicate via Skype. The elderly, computer dummies, and even tech geeks would appreciate this exclusive feature by Asus as they don’t have to wait for several minutes before they can use their PC to boot up and connect to the internet. Asus Philippines Country Manager Leon Yu said that the Express Gate will also find its way in future Eee PCs. During the Q&A, I asked him how much power the Express Gate would consume on any future Eee PC’s battery life. Mr. Yu pointed out that since the Express Gate is found in the BIOS, the user will find himself using the Eee PC longer than while running on its operating system that relies on the hard disk. Personally, I’m excited about this because this will let me connect to the internet for more than 8 hours a day without looking for the nearest power outlet.


Web browser opened while on Express Gate

Another selling feature that the Eee Box is offering is its power consumption. Thanks to Intel’s Atom processor, the Eee Box’s energy efficient performance reduces power consumption up to 90%. With its size and features, Asus is suggesting that the Eee Box is the best alternative to businesses, government offices, and institutions who are looking for computers that can let them save electricity.

Not yet available in the market is the Eee Stick. With the Eee Stick, users can control their Eee Box wirelessly like for PowerPoint presentations. That’s not all, you can play games with it too! Inspired by Nintendo’s Wii (not WEee), various Eee Stick hardware will be made available for different kinds of Eee games. Try to find the video ad of the Eee Box on the net. I found it hilarious!

The Eee Box’s specs include the aforementioned Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor, 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM (upgradeale to 2GB), WiFi 802.11n and runs on Windows XP Home.

SRP of the Eee Box is set at Php 24,999.00 bundled with LCD TV, keyboard and mouse.

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More on the Asus EEE PC 1000H

My first attempt of liveblogging didn’t materialize as my SMART 3G connection failed on me during the Asus Press Launch. I’ve recorded some videos and in the process of posting them online. To the readers referred by my good buddy, Mr. Technograph, my apologies for only posting this tonight.


The Asus EEE PC 1000H is the latest netbook launched by the Taiwan-based company after releasing the 701 last year and the 900 back in May. There are several notable improvements on the 1000H, such as the bigger 10″ display, a 6-cell battery, which Asus claims can last up to 8 hours, larger memory drive, Bluetooth & WiFi 802.11n and the much-awaited Intel Atom processor. I’ve been confused by the press kit at first, but I was able to confirm with Asus Philippine Country Manager Leon Yu that the 1000H comes with an 80GB HDD, and not the faster SSD drive mentioned in the kit. This makes sense because first of all, 64GB is the largest SSD memory as of today and second, it’s very expensive. Asus chose to go with the HDD route because customers want their computers to have a larger memory at an affordable price. In this case, this would be the first EEE PC that is not shock-proof, contrary to what is stated in the PR given by Asus.


Though the live unit I played with runs on Linux, the EEE PC 1000H will come with Windows XP Home. What finally made Asus drop the Linux platform, we don’t know but our guess is most of the customers want to use Windows anyway and making them convert their OS will drive them away to other netbook brands.

Black and white colors are now available in the market but Asus will bring in more colors soon – Sakura, Sweet Pea, Urban Metropolis, White Peony and Fine Ebony.

Basic CMYK

Ok, so how much is the suggested retail price? Yugatech almost got it right but the amount mentioned during the event is Php29,900.00.

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Asus EEE PC 1000 and Asus EEE Box Press Launch


I’m here live at the Asus EEE PC 1000 and Ebox Press Launch at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. It hasn’t started yet (I was sent 2 SMS advising that the media briefing would start at 10am and it’s already 11) but I already took photos of these new devices by Asus. More on these later, but for the meantime, check out these photos:







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Brand New Dopods for Sale!!!

My friend is asking for help so I’m posting this in behalf of himself:

“We’re clearing our inventory so we’re selling off brand new, never been used, Dopod Pocket PC Phone Editions. Everything’s complete with box and accessories, and 1 year warranty with Dopod/HTC Care Center in Makati City.

Items for sale are the following:


Dopod 818 Pro (Pink Color Only) – Php 15,000.00


Dopod 838 –       Php 16,000.00


Dopod 900 –       Php 18.500.00


Prices can be negotiated but must be reasonable enough before closing the deal. Absolutely no swapping. Metro Manila buyers only. First come, first serve basis. For 818 Pro, that’s the last unit that we have so no more available colors.

Inquiries can be made via call or SMS at 0920-9502980 or 0922-7168555. Thanks!”

So what are you waiting for? Buy ’em now!

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Win a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with the Asus EEE PC

Eee pc hand

Now, ASUS gives you the chance to experience just how mobile the Eee PC is—not only in the comforts of your own home, school or office—but in a whole new country. Not alone either—but with your entire family.

Enjoy a Disneyland Package for 3 days and 2 nights, inclusive of roundtrip tickets from Manila–Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific, hotel accommodations, a whole day Disney tour, and a half-day city tour for you and your family!

Get a chance to be one of eight (8) lucky families of four (4) vacationing in Hong Kong. Just purchase an Asus EEE PC 701 (either a 2GB or 4GB model) from July 22 – August 15 to earn a raffle entry, then fill up your name, address, signature, and contact information on a sheet of paper along with a photocopy of the sales invoice, billing statement or delivery receipt and a cut-out portion of the box where the serial number is located. Place entries in an envelope and send it to 14 United St., Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603 before the draw date of August 20, 2008. By the way, customers can only send in one entry per sales invoice, billing statement, or delivery receipt i.e. 100 models on one receipt is considered 1 raffle entry.

If you want to know more about the promotion log on to or call at telephone numbers 738-0398 or 631-4715.

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Trade-in your Mobile Phone for an HTC Touch Dual!


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Preparing to Travel Again




I still have a few minutes before I leave the office and board the bus to Bicol. A few minutes is all I have to post this entry and cram all these gadgets into my gear bag. Can you tell how many mobile phones, PDA Phones, digital cameras I have to carry? Oh, I have to bring along our projector and of course my main bag with my clothes.

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