Posted by: dronthego | March 9, 2008

I-mate Ultimate 8150


The Ultimate 8150 is a Windows Mobile Professional device that has a smaller 2.6″ VGA touch screen with 640×480 pixels resolution, XScale PXA 270 520 MHz with NVIDIA graphics accelerator, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, Quadband GSM, Triband 3G with HSDPA, Bluetooth, WiFi b/g/e/i, a 2MP auto-focus camera with flash, stereo FM radio, numeric phone pad and video output for monitors, projectors and display. This is for users who want to use a phone pad for fast SMS & quick number dialing.
I like the feel of the Ultimate 8150, one of my picks of the new Ultimate line-up. The phone pad are quite big enough for me to use for text entry and pressing the keys are nice enough for my thumb. Joystick is sturdy and not clunky unlike the Asus P525’s which left me a bad impression up to now. Processor is snappy enough no matter how many applications you left open, thanks to its 128 MB RAM. Its VGA screen is also nice to look at. One impressive feature of the phone (as well as the rest of the Ultimate line-up) is the ability to connect to a TV set via its TV Out connector. For its size, compared to the HTC Advantage/Dopod U1000 or even the O2 Xda Flame, I could see more business people getting this instead.
Look at also how it handles a video file using Windows Media player:
More pictures:
imate 8150 1 
dimate 8150 3
Jog Dial, OK button, MicroSD slot, Wireless Manager button
imate 8150 4
imate 8150 5
Camera button, TV Out slot, Mini USB slot
imate 8150 6
Power button, IR port (a rarity!)
imate 8150 7
2 Megapixel Auto-Focus Camera with Flash

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