Posted by: dronthego | March 11, 2008

Sony at I.T. Show 2008



Okay, I know you’ve had enough of I-mate. Honestly, it was my highlight of going to IT Show 2008. But of course, there are more entries and pictures of the said event. We now head to Sony’s long line of booths – from Sony Walkmans, Digital Cameras, Vaios, to PS3s.



Sony Vaio TZ



Want a Pink Vaio?



Reese Witherspoon may want to use this in case Legally Blonde 3 comes up



Sony Ericsson Booth



This is the view from the escalator to the 4th level Convention Hall



Sony is not contented. They also have a BIG BOOTH inside the 4th floor Convention Hall


itshow2 (2)

Models holding the Sony Vaio notebooks



Sony models holding all the Sony products. Is the model at the center looking at me? I wish!



I like the one at the center. Why is she not smiling?



One more pose for me ladies!



  1. Sony VAIO VGN-CS215J/P
    Just received my Sony gorgeous pink laptop and tried to hooking my new matching Microsoft wireless mouse up to USB. Microsoft Vista recognized the mouse but the mouse will not operate. I also tried hooking up my new Kodak all in one printer without success.
    After spending over 5 hours on sunday tt Sony technical support I was no more ahead than when I first started.
    I now have a computer tech coming tomorrow to either get the mouse working on vista or downgrade me to XP.
    I am not faulting Sony because it is a great product and almost everything I own that is electronic is manufactured by Sony. The problem lies with Miscrosoft Vista!

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