Posted by: dronthego | March 25, 2008

A Stylus in My Ear

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I was at Raffles City Shopping Mall earlier this afternoon to look for pretty Singaporeans stroll around and shop for stuff I want need. It’s been months since I last spent time in a coffee shop alone so I settled at a Gloria Jeans coffee shop inside the mall’s basement to find the pretty chicks relax and write some thoughts on my Kohjinsha UMPC. The Kohji has a touchscreen and it comes with a stylus. It’s a habit of mine to put the stylus on my right ear (no, not inside the ear mind you!) while doing some work in front of my UMPC.

After leaving the mall at 8pm, I…

– walked all the way to the bus station

– watched Ocean’s 13 on my Palm Treo 750 while standing inside the bus

– bought groceries

– and ate at the nearby coffee shop

While eating at the nearby coffee shop, I brushed my hair and I…


There’s a stylus on my right ear since I left the mall!!! No wonder there were people strangely staring at me!! Oh boy, I’m really getting older and forgetful now. Should I put an alarm on my smartphone and remind me to remove the stylus from my ear?




  1. C’mon! They have no problems with bluetooth headsets sticking out of ears but they do with this?! Unfair! Hehehehe…

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