Posted by: dronthego | April 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home!




Not really my home, but it’s no secret that my fave hotspot in Manila is the Shell Select store in Magallanes Village. It’s been my fave hotspot since 2004 when WiFi started becoming popular here in the Philippines. The WiFi connection here is absolutely free, and you can surf anywhere within the gas station. Normally I’d sit inside with my Nestea Iced Tea. One of the reasons why I keep on coming back here is the bottomless Iced Tea for Php 35.00! Guess how many times I’d refill my cup đŸ™‚

Outside the store are more tables with power outlets. This is a sign that Shell Select Magallanes is geek friendly. People who live nearby or on the way home to the south can be found outside of the Select store with their mobile devices, from PDAs to ultra-portables to regular 15″ laptops.

Other customers prefer to stay inside the car to surf. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who’s doing this, but I surf while inside Jollibee which is just beside the Shell Select store.

It’s been 8 hours since I landed here in Manila (not to forget I only had 30 mins. of sleep) but that’s how excited I am being in this place again after being away for 6 months. See, I do consider this my home.

I’m beginning to feel the summer heat here, I’m sure I’ll have more than 7 refills of Nestea.


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