Posted by: dronthego | May 1, 2008

Nokia Firmware Update for Nokia N95 8GB – I’m Upgrading Now!


The Nokia N95 8GB has been my main mobile phone for a month now and I’ve been very happy with it from the moment it was sold to me by its original owner. I had a couple of gripes about my N95 8GB, and one of them is the built-in GPS. As I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t successful on connecting it to the GPS satellites. I was supposed to have it checked while I was still in Singapore but I didn’t have the time, so a few hours after I landed in Manila last Sunday, I immediately went to Nokia Care in Greenbelt 1 and was advised to try reinstalling the firmware.

Tonight I was all set on reinstalling the old firmware (15.0.015) but I was informed instead that version 20.0.016 is now ready to be installed. This is great news! I’ve heard about the news of this update middle of last month and I’m very pleased that it’s now available. The notable feature of this update is the auto-rotation of the screen, which would change the screen orientation of the N95 8GB depending on which way you hold it.

I’ll post some thoughts after the upgrade.



  1. I have two Nokia N95 8GB (RM-320) phones and using the Nokia Software Updater one would update and the other one didnt have the update shown ! strange
    Recommend the update if you can get it
    Have seen no problem with the Video / Camera functions unlike one other I read about

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