Posted by: dronthego | May 1, 2008

Nokia Service Layer Delays my N95 8GB Upgrade




Ayoh!!! I thought I’ve already bricked my phone!!!

Several minutes ago I was in the process of upgrading my Nokia N95 8GB to its latest firmware version. However, the upgrade never took place and I got an error message instead – “Nokia Service Layer Host Process has stopped working”. After closing the message box I waited for almost half an hour, hoping that the upgrade would push through. It didn’t happen, and my N95 8GB still has a white screen display. I was hesitant on removing the data cable from the phone but since nothing’s happening with it, I detached the cable, removed the battery and powered it on again. Thank heavens nothing happened to the N95 8GB. That surely scared the hell out of me.

I tried the upgrade process again several more time but to no avail. I made a research and found this thread. Apparently, there were other users who have the same problem, and most of them are using Windows Vista. Prior to this upgrade attempt, I’ve installed the latest version of the Nokia Software Update just to make sure that I’ll have everything under control.

There were a few users who found a workaround (also on that same thread). I tried it but it still failed. Worse comes to worse I’ll have to visit Nokia Care soon and have them upgrade my phone.



  1. […] The workaround for the Nokia Service Layer problem finally worked for me! Thank God I have the patience to do this. My 2nd attempt […]

  2. Hi Folks,

    What I did was, open NSU folder and change the software properties to run it with XP SP2 compatibility. Done!

    Unfortunatly my E65 was already up to date… 😉

    Good luck!

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