Posted by: dronthego | May 4, 2008

A Pastor with a UMPC




My dad and I attended a worship service this morning in our province of Marilao, Bulacan. Now, there shouldn’t be anything mobile tech related to that, except for the E-Bible I’ve installed on my Nokia N95 8GB. But when the pastor went up to the podium to preach, I noticed the UMPC he had brought with him that looked really familiar. It was a Kohjinsha UMPC!

I have seen and met different pastors who have either used a PDA or a laptop in their respective churches. This is the first time I’ve seen a pastor using a UMPC for preaching. Awesome!



  1. I think UMPCs would really make pastoral work a lot easier. Just imagine having with you all of the membership profiles in your church wherever you are. Add to that the advantage of having a portable library of pastoral and religious books like the Logos Bible Software and Digital Library.

    Hey sir reggie, this is Blue August from Pinoy Windows Mobile. Great Blog you have here. Congratz!

    I have bought a 2nd hand Thinkpad X40, and will be buying either the MSI Wind or the new red colored Dell UMPC (whichever is cheaper 🙂

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