Posted by: dronthego | May 6, 2008

Be Health Conscious with the Nokia Activity Monitor

After reading Lee Lup Yen’s article in his ZDNet Asia blog about the Nokia Activity Monitor, I knew I had to install it right away. It’s only tonight though that I get to try it.

The Nokia Activity Monitor is able to track the number of steps I’ve made, the distance I’ve travelled by either walking or running, and the calories I’ve burned. It’s quite different from the Nokia Sports Tracker because this uses the built-in accelerometer of my N95 8GB. If you have an N82 or N95 then I suggest you install this application. 

Like what I’ve said, I’m able to try this out earlier tonight since I wanted to walk from Figaro Glorietta 4 up to Export Plaza Building located at the corner of Chino Roces and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenues.

This is how the application would look like when you start tracking your steps:




And here are the results:


Screenshot0006 Screenshot0007



It even has a diary to check all your sessions:




With the Nokia Sports Tracker and the Activity Monitor on my N95 8GB, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a health freak for the rest of the year!


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