Posted by: dronthego | May 20, 2008

Typhoon Cosme Affected Cellphone Users




I was in Dagupan City today where power is not available due to the damages caused by the typhoon Cosme. And if there is no power, nobody would be able to charge their cellphones in their homes (except if they have generators). Because of this situation, mobile phone users turned to cellphone shops for other means of charging their phones. Car chargers and battery packs (like the Energizer ones shown above) are now selling like pancakes in the province.

I’ve mentioned in my personal blog about the tragedy that struck the province of Pangasinan. My heart goes out to the typhoon victims and I’m hoping relief efforts would be done soon.

Posted by: dronthego | May 11, 2008

Ubuntu on the Kohjinsha




I tried out Ubuntu 7.10 tonight on my Kohjinsha UMPC. The booting process took a bit long since it loaded directly from the CD X-Mint gave me 2 weeks ago during our meet. I’ll give more time on exploring the world of Linux in the coming weeks, and I want to see its true beauty behind the eye-candy features. I also want to see if ordinary users like myself wouldn’t need major hacking techniques to make it work well. If my plans would push through on “upgrading” to XP Tablet Edition, then I may put Ubuntu in as well. However, before doing that I want to try out Ubuntu Mobile which I heard works pretty well with touchscreen devices.



Posted by: dronthego | May 8, 2008

Upgraded to Vista SP1


Vista SP1, as we all know was already released last March. However I only got the update today through Windows Update, and it took me almost an hour to update my Kohjinsha UMPC. After the upgrade, my audio driver was deleted but I just simply installed the driver again and it’s working normal now. Honestly, I’m not expecting much on the improvements – I may “upgrade” to XP Tablet Edition soon.

Posted by: dronthego | May 7, 2008

UMPCs for Kids – Is it a Better Option?




My niece, Atasha, went to our family office today to surf the internet. It amazes me that at her age (she’s 4 years old) she already knows which kids websites to go to. She always uses the big old chunky Gateway laptop we have here but the ethernet cable is connected to my Kohjinsha UMPC. She is really amazed by my UMPC ever since she saw the photo of her mother using it during the latter’s visit to Singapore the previous month. And she’s even more amazed whenever she sees me using it.

Today she gets to use it to surf on one of her favourite websites – Disney Playhouse. On the Gateway laptop, she would actually point the screen for navigation. The only problem is the Gateway Laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen.




Now that the Kohjinsha has a touchscreen feature, Atasha is enjoying playing games on the Disney Playhouse website by simply touching its pictures.




What happened this morning made me think. Will UMPCs with touchscreens offer better options for kids at Atasha’s age? I think they will based on this experience. I haven’t seen kids at her age using a trackpad. Or even a mouse. Another reason I thought of is the UMPCs’ portability. Kids can play with these devices while on the road, especially if educational games are installed that are best suited for touchscreen UMPCs (with parental supervision of course. Who knows when these kids will drop your UMPC!) The only drawback I see here is the small 7″ screen but when I asked my niece if she had any problems with its size she just simply shook her head.

If the Asus EEE PC, OLPC or any other manufacturer would offer touchscreen netbooks in the near future, I suppose these kids like Atasha would play with them most of the time rather than with their real toys.

Posted by: dronthego | May 6, 2008

Be Health Conscious with the Nokia Activity Monitor

After reading Lee Lup Yen’s article in his ZDNet Asia blog about the Nokia Activity Monitor, I knew I had to install it right away. It’s only tonight though that I get to try it.

The Nokia Activity Monitor is able to track the number of steps I’ve made, the distance I’ve travelled by either walking or running, and the calories I’ve burned. It’s quite different from the Nokia Sports Tracker because this uses the built-in accelerometer of my N95 8GB. If you have an N82 or N95 then I suggest you install this application. 

Like what I’ve said, I’m able to try this out earlier tonight since I wanted to walk from Figaro Glorietta 4 up to Export Plaza Building located at the corner of Chino Roces and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenues.

This is how the application would look like when you start tracking your steps:




And here are the results:


Screenshot0006 Screenshot0007



It even has a diary to check all your sessions:




With the Nokia Sports Tracker and the Activity Monitor on my N95 8GB, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a health freak for the rest of the year!

Posted by: dronthego | May 5, 2008

Goodbye, Nokia E61!




As much as I hate to lose this phone, even made a vow before not to let go of it, I’ve decided to sell my Nokia E61. The new lucky owner is no other than my friend X-Mint who was mentioned a couple of times in my previous posts. He badly needed the cheapest 3G phone he could put his hands on and since I have to sell some of the phones that I possess, the E61 had to be sacrificed. I’ve done a lot of things with the E61 and it further sealed my love affair with Nokia phones thanks to the improved S60 platform. And for sentimental reasons, the E61 was my only device that breezed me though my first month in Singapore before I bought my Kohjinsha UMPC. The E61 was always there for me, ready to be used whenever I get pissed at my Palm Treo 750.

Anyway, I told the new owner to sell the E61 back to me in case he gets tired of it. Of course he had to sell it to me at a lower price or else… Maybe by that time the feature-packed E71 would be available then so I could compare both smartphones.

You can find my post about the E61 here.

Posted by: dronthego | May 4, 2008

Kohjinsha with Wires




My Kohjinsha SH6 had a busy time tonight 🙂 I’ve never seen this many cables being connected to my UMPC.

What’s connected?

On the left are the power adapter, my DSL ethernet cable (too bad I wasn’t able to bring my wireless router from Singapore) and my Nokia N95 8GB. What about on the right side?

The picture below will answer that question:




Our HP LaserJet printer is connected to it! Isn’t it amazing that big hardware peripherals like the LaserJet printer is only connected to a mobile device with a 7″ screen and weighs 985 grams?

Posted by: dronthego | May 4, 2008

A Pastor with a UMPC




My dad and I attended a worship service this morning in our province of Marilao, Bulacan. Now, there shouldn’t be anything mobile tech related to that, except for the E-Bible I’ve installed on my Nokia N95 8GB. But when the pastor went up to the podium to preach, I noticed the UMPC he had brought with him that looked really familiar. It was a Kohjinsha UMPC!

I have seen and met different pastors who have either used a PDA or a laptop in their respective churches. This is the first time I’ve seen a pastor using a UMPC for preaching. Awesome!

Posted by: dronthego | May 2, 2008

Hotspotting at Starbucks Blue Wave




This is my first week back home and I want to visit those places where I used to hang out. Blue Wave is one of those places and I’m glad the Starbucks outlet here still has Airborne Access as their WiFi provider. Blue Wave also has their own WiFi network but you’ll have to pay for the access. Looks like everybody’s feeling the heat as there are no seats available inside, so I’m sweating it out here outside with my Kohjinsha UMPC.



Posted by: dronthego | May 1, 2008

Upgrade Completed!




Finally! The workaround for the Nokia Service Layer problem finally worked for me! Thank God I have the patience to do this. My 2nd attempt didn’t work because my the Nokia Software Update doesn’t detect my N95 8GB for some reason. I rebooted both the phone and the UMPC then I decided to reinstall the software, which took quite long since it has to download again the 118 MB firmware. Indeed, 2nd time’s a charm. I’ll do post some thoughts after I play with this device. More importantly, I do hope that this will solve my GPS problem.

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